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Chapter 8: The Center of the Cyclone

Questions from “Newsweek”, USA

Do you sometimes fantasize, and if so, could you give us some examples?

It is impossible for me to fantasize. I have lost my mind and its stupid activities thirty-five years back. Right now I am just utterly empty of words, dreams, fantasies. In their place I am full of love, silence, blissfulness.

You said last night you cannot live to be a true buddha unless you are an authentic zorba. What better place to achieve this than Crete, the land of Zorba.
Do you want to stay here for a long time, among your friends?

I never plan for the future.

Today is enough unto itself.

I love the people here. I see something of Zorba in everybody, but because I never make any plans for the future, I cannot say how long I am going to stay here.

Perhaps forever.

Perhaps tomorrow I am gone.

I am just a breeze that comes and goes without any planning.

While on this world tour, are you hoping in your heart of hearts to find a place to stay more or less permanently, perhaps a place to establish another ashram or commune?

In my heart of hearts I have found the place that is my place, my home. I am not thinking to establish another commune. Communes will be established more and more around the world. I would love to be a visitor to my people around the world; I don’t want to stay at one place. The few days that existence will allow me will be my days of wandering around the world amongst all my people.

Is your organization financially sound enough to establish a new ashram or commune?

In the first place I don’t want to establish any commune around me.

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