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Chapter 9: The Seer Is Not Seen

The sky is dangerous. I don’t say that there is no danger. I cannot say that. There is danger. There are dangers upon dangers. But life thrives on danger, danger is the food. Danger is not against life; danger is the very food, the very blood, the very oxygen for life to be there.

Live in danger: that is the meaning of sannyas. The past protects you - the known, the familiar. You feel at home with the past. The future is unfamiliar, unknown. With the future you feel alien, strange. The future is always a stranger knocking at the door. You always open the door for the future. In fact, you would like your future to be just like your past, a repetition. This is fear. And remember, you always think that you are afraid of death, but I tell you, you are not afraid of death, you are afraid of life.

The fear of death is basically fear of life, because only life can die. If you are afraid of death, you will be afraid of life. If you are afraid of falling down, you will be afraid of rising up, because only a wave that rises falls back. If you are afraid of being rejected you will become afraid, afraid to approach anybody. If you are afraid of being rejected, you will become incapable of love. Afraid of death, you become incapable of life. Then you live just for the name’s sake, and only miseries, darkness, and night surround you.

Just being born is not enough; necessary, but not enough. You have to be born twice. Hindus have a word for it: they call it dwij, the twice-born. One birth, the first birth from your parents is just a possibility, a potential phenomenon, not actual yet. A second birth is needed. It is what Jesus calls resurrection: a second birth in which you break all the shells, all the eggs, all the egos, all the past, the familiar, the known, and you move into the unknown, the strange, the existence full of dangers. Every moment there is the possibility of death. And with the possibility of death, every moment you become more and more alive.

In fact, life never dies, but that is an experience of one who knows what life is. You have never gathered courage enough to come out of the egg shell. How can you know what life is, and how can you know that life is deathless? You will die; life never dies. You will live in misery because you are the negation of life; ego is the negation of life. Negate the ego and life will happen to you. Hence the insistence of all great ones - Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Mahavira, Zarathustra, Lao Tzu - they all insist on only one thing: negate the ego and life will happen to you in abundance. But you cling to the ego. Clinging to the ego is clinging to darkness, to misery. These sutras are very beautiful; try to understand them.

The discriminating person realizes that everything leads to misery because of change, anxiety, past experiences, and the conflicts that arise between the three attributes and the five modifications of the mind.

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