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Chapter 3: Close Your Eyes and Try to Catch Him

To understand this, one has to understand with one’s totality. You cannot understand this assertion, this statement, through your intellect. Then it looks absurd. But watch.look at life: all that is alive must be somehow his, and all that dies must be somehow dying in him. Yes, he lives in very reasonable people, but who lives in mad people then? In mad people also he lives, and he loves all the ways.

So Bauls say, “Don’t be afraid; you just be yourself and you will find him.” You need not become somebody else to find him. You just be yourself. If you are mad, then just be mad; then that is your way to find him. If you are a singer, then go on singing. He’s all-inclusive; your singing will become a prayer and a way. If you cannot sing, don’t be worried; there is no need. If you feel that just being silent and sitting silently you enjoy your being perfectly, then that is your way. All ways are his.

The Bauls say, “Wherever you are, from wherever you travel, you travel towards him. Just don’t get stuck; go on traveling. Go on moving, don’t allow movement to die. Wherever you are stuck, then the distance arises. Just go on moving and be yourself.” They don’t give you a certain morality; they don’t give you a certain ideal; they don’t give you any shoulds. They are not worried about the “ought.” They say, “This is the case - he loves all as they are.” Just you go on moving, don’t get frozen.

Close your eyes and try to catch him,
He is slipping by.

Beautiful.Close your eyes and try to catch him, he’s slipping by. If you are stuck somewhere you will miss him. You be on the move because he is on the move. He’s always slipping, he’s always moving into the new and into the unknown. If you cling with the known you will miss him. Close your eyes and watch how swiftly he moves, how dancingly he moves. He is continuously slipping out of the old. He is the constantly new. He is like the snake who comes out of his old skin, leaves the old skin and slips by. God is continuously slipping out of history, because he is eternity.

God is continuously slipping out of that which has already happened, because he is not repetitive. And if you are clinging to history then you will miss him, because then you will be looking at the past and he is always moving into the future. God is future and mind is past; then the distance arises.

A real religious man is one who has no past, who has no autobiography, who is continuously new, each moment slipping with God. He does not bother - what has happened, has happened - finished! Put a full stop on it, and never look back. Go on.he is always calling you ahead, and ahead. He is always persuading you to move into new territories of being: from lust to love, from love to prayer - and there are higher realms than prayer. And he is constantly on the move. If you follow him, the only way is to be constantly on the move.