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Chapter 3: No Other Path but Life

If there are wars, it is perfectly right. If there are riots between Hindus and Mohammedans, if Mohammedans and Jews are killing each other, it is perfectly right. But if suddenly Jews and Mohammedans start dancing and singing and rejoicing together, the whole world will be shocked: “What is going on? Have these people gone mad?”

We are suffering a wrong heritage, and unless we get ourselves free from the past we cannot live peacefully. The people who are gathered here with me and the people around the earth who are with me have dropped the past. They are no longer Hindus, no longer Christians, no longer Buddhists; they are simply human beings. And they are trying to live their nature fully, authentically, without any guilt and without any feeling of sin.

Things are going beautifully well. They are living in freedom.

The past is our slavery, and if the past is too much, then it is going to create our future. We are crushed between past and future, and the future is nothing but a reproduction of the past. And a small moment of present is almost powerless against two eternities pressing it from both sides.

Once you are free of the past a tremendous realization happens: you are free of the future also. And your being free of the future means that now you are free to make your future. It will not be made by the past; it will be made by your nature, by your intelligence, by your meditation, by your silence, by your love.

Around my sannyasins things are bound to go easy, because there is no sin, no guilt, no imposed morality. I corrupt people so much that they become innocent.

People are living innocently. They don’t have any moral codes, any ten commandments, any holy Bibles. They have only their own insight and freedom to create their future, to live according to their nature without any fear: there is no hell, and there is no God to decide whether you are right or wrong.

If you are right, your life will be a life of joy; if you are wrong, your life will be a life of misery. There is no need for any God. Each act is intrinsically decisive,.

So you can feel your way: if you are moving rightly, your life will go on growing more and more flowers, will go on growing bigger and bigger wings. Your reach towards the stars will become easier. And if you are doing something wrong, your very nature will say it is wrong because you will be suffering the consequences of your wrong acts here and now. You will not have to wait for the last judgment day.

What a stupid kind of hypothesis, “the last judgment day” - one day everybody will be awakened from his grave. Just visualize what will happen: all skeletons, and there is going to be such a crowd. At the place where you are sitting there are at least ten skeletons underneath you. When all the skeletons stand up there is not going to be elbow room, and there is going to be such shrieking, shouting, moaning. Even for poor God, it is going to be very difficult to recognize who is who - because there will only be skeletons.

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