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Chapter 72: Start Living in Insecurity

The second question:

Last night you said that love is alive because it is insecure, and marriage is dead because it is secure. But isn’t it true that love in the spiritual depth becomes marriage?

No! It never becomes marriage. The deeper it goes the more love it becomes, but never a marriage. By marriage I mean an outer bond, a legal sanction, social approval. And I say that love never becomes a marriage because it is never secure. It remains love. It becomes more love, more and more, but the more it is, the more insecure it is. There is no security. But if you love, you don’t care about security at all. When you don’t love, only then you care about security. When you love, the very moment is so much that you don’t care about the next moment, you don’t care about the future. What happens tomorrow is not your concern - because what is happening right now is so much. It is too much. It is unbearably much. You don’t care. Why does security come to the mind? It comes because of the future. Really, you are not rooted in the present. You are not living in the present. You are not enjoying it. It is not a bliss. The present is not a bliss. Then you hope for the future, then you plan for the future, then you want to make every security for the future.

Love never wants to make any security, it is secure in itself. That is the point. It is so secure in itself that it never thinks about any security; what will happen in the future is not a concern at all - because the future is going to grow out of the present, and if the present is so alive, so blissful, the future will grow out of it. Why worry about it?

When the present is not a bliss, when it is a misery, then you are worried about the future. Then you want to make it secure, safe. But remember, no one can make anything secure. That is not in the nature of things. The future will remain insecure. You can do only one thing: live the present more deeply. That is all you can do. If any security happens through that, that is the only security. And if it is not happening, it is not happening - nothing can be done.

But our mind works in a completely suicidal way. The more miserable the present is, the more you think about the future and want to make it secure. And the more you move into the future, the more the present will be miserable. Then you are moving in a vicious circle. This circle can be broken, but the only way to break it is to live the present moment so deeply that this moment becomes the eternity in its depth. The future is going to be born out of it - it will take its own course, you need not worry about it.

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