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Chapter 5: Existence Loves Imperfection

Nobody could believe it. But somebody was going to commit suicide.his wife was torturing him too much, and there is a limit to everything, and the limit had come. When he heard the boy, he said, “Okay, I am coming. What more can happen than suicide?”

Somebody was just having a holiday and thought, “There is no harm. We have heard so much about the great secret..” Just out of curiosity he also followed.

In all, eleven people came. And the old sage initiated all of them. The boy was standing there not believing his eyes. He said, “Master, what are you doing? You are not even asking what their qualifications are, what their qualities are.”

The old man laughed and said, “To tell you the truth, up till now I had no secret. That’s why I was avoiding people, that’s why I was not initiating people - because once you initiate them.. I had nothing to give to them. Now I have it, and it does not matter whether the person deserves it or not. If existence accepts the person, who am I to be judgmental?

“Everybody is worthy. In this moment of joy, in this moment of ecstasy, when I have the secret, I want to share with anybody who is ready to receive it.”

Always remember this parable. Whenever you have something, share it - and without thinking even for a single moment whether the person you are sharing it with deserves or not. Only think about one thing: whether you have got the secret or not.

If you have got it, share it. Spread the seeds to as many people as possible. Certainly a few seeds will fall on the rocks and will never grow. And some will fall on the footpaths where people walk continually: they will grow, but they will die. But some seeds will certainly find the right soil. And they will come to blossom, and they will bring thousands of seeds with them.

Don’t waste your time, because nobody knows who is worthy and who is not worthy - murderers have become saints, criminals have become sages; sages have fallen and become criminals, saints have lost their way and become murderers.

Life is so mysterious that one cannot say what you are going to be the next moment. And you can decide the worth of anybody only by his past - but the seed is going to grow in the future. You are sharing your secret for the future, and the worthiness or unworthiness belongs to the past. And the future is always open. The saint can turn away, go astray; the murderer can become awake.

The future is so open and so flexible. The past does not decide it; hence, never bother about the past, always look to the open future. And everybody is worthy to receive the secret, because everybody is worthy to live, to breathe, to have a place in this beautiful existence.

Even the smallest blade of grass is as significant and important as the biggest star. The universe would miss it, even though it is a small blade of grass. Without it, the universe would have a little less beauty. Nobody else can replace it.

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