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Chapter 6: Now Is the Only Real Time

Now, this is a clever question: “How do I find my way?” And you may not be aware what you are getting into. You are getting into a dream, and now you will be exploited because now you will find people who will supply the way. Wherever there is a demand, somebody is bound to supply. That is an economic law, the law of demand and supply. You make a demand for the way, and immediately thousands of gurus are born - you have given birth to them - and they are ready to supply you all that you need. That’s how the spiritual supermarket exists: you create it by your demand. You create the false, the pseudo prophets, because when you ask for the way, the real master cannot give it to you because he is not your enemy, he is not there to exploit you. The real master’s work is to take all the ways from you, all the methods. His whole work consists of destroying your future. Once the future is destroyed you will find yourself here, now - and now is the only real time.

Truth exists in real time, and you exist in an unreal time; hence you never meet. It is like a person who has fallen asleep and is dreaming - fallen asleep in Pune and dreaming of Philadelphia. And you are sitting by the side of the man who has fallen asleep; he cannot see you, he cannot be aware of you, he cannot see the room, he cannot hear the birds singing outside, he cannot feel the wetness in the air. He is in Philadelphia, he is in an unreal time, in an unreal space. Because he is in an unreal time and unreal space - of his own creation and imagination and fantasy - he is missing the real. He is missing this room, this place; he is missing you who are there, alive, loving, but unavailable. You are so close and yet so far away, because the man is in Philadelphia.

What is needed? Does he need a way? Has he to go to some airline and book to come back? Has he to travel back? Is there any need for a way? No, all that he needs is an awakening, a shock so he can be awakened, a shaking-up. You shake him, he will open his eyes, and suddenly Philadelphia has disappeared.

It happens exactly like that. In the close proximity of a master you are given constant shocks and shakings. He does not supply you with paths, ways, methods, he simply shocks you - he goes like a shiver in your spine.

And the sleep is no ordinary sleep, it is metaphysical sleep. You have slept for lives together. You have slept the whole past, and you have dreamed so much and you have invested in the dream so much that it looks almost impossible to wake up - too risky, too costly, such a gamble. You can do it only if you fall in love with a master. If you fall in love with a master, risk is possible, because people risk only when they are in love. Sannyas is a love affair.

When you are in love you are mad, and only the madman can come back; the clever and the cunning and the calculating will think so many things against coming back. In Philadelphia he has made a beautiful house, in Philadelphia he has found a woman, in Philadelphia he has children, in Philadelphia he has a good business, in Philadelphia he is respected, he has become the mayor; all his life consists of Philadelphia. And suddenly you wake him up and destroy all. And the woman that he used to love and was so beautiful is no more there, and the children.all have disappeared, and the mayorhood and the business and the bank balance, all is gone. He will be angry with you.

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