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Chapter 26: Contagious Health

This new man, this rebellion that can become the womb for the new man, I teach. We have tried collective efforts and they have failed. Now let us try individual efforts. And if one man becomes aflame with consciousness, joy and blissfulness, he will become contagious to many more.

Rebellion is a very silent phenomenon that will go on spreading without making any noise and without even leaving any footprints behind. It will move from heart to heart in deep silences. And the day it has reached to millions of people without any bloodshed.just the understanding of those millions of people will change our old primitive animalistic ways. It will change our greed. And the day greed is gone there is no question of accumulating money.

No revolution has been able to destroy greed, so those who come into power become greedy. We have passed through a revolution just now in this country, and it is a very significant example to understand. The people who were leading the revolution in this country against the British rule were followers of Mahatma Gandhi, who preached poverty, who preached non-possessiveness. And the moment all his disciple came into power, they started living in palaces that were made for viceroys. All his disciples who had been thinking their whole lives that they are servants of the people became masters of the people.

There is more corruption in this country than anywhere else. This is very strange: this is Gandhian corruption, very religious, very pious, and the people who are doing it were trained, disciplined to be servants of the people. But power has a tremendous capacity to change. The moment you have power you are immediately a different person. You start behaving exactly like any other powerful people who have gone before.

I was very young when India became independent, so I have been watching this independence for forty years. My whole family was involved in the freedom struggle, and when freedom came there was so much celebration all over the country. But each year the celebration has become less and less, and sadness started settling.

I used to tease my father, my uncles, who had all been to jail, suffered as much as possible.and because all the elders were in jail we suffered too, because there was nobody to look after the children. There were only women and children left, and Indian women cannot be of much help. They cannot even come out into the society; they are not capable of earning money.

I know how difficult it was when all the elders of the family were thrown into jail. After the freedom I used to tease them, “Is this the freedom? You destroyed your family, you destroyed yourself, you suffered and you made us suffer. Is this the freedom?”

And my father used to say, “Don’t say such things. We know this is not the freedom that we have been fighting for. We were thinking that when the country becomes free, everybody will enjoy freedom.”

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