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Chapter 2: The Mystery of Meditation

The mind cannot remain in a fixed position. It is a living process. It cannot remain in a fixed position. If you force it to then it will go to sleep only in order to continue the living process in dreams. It goes to sleep only in order to escape your stagnant, forceful focus. Then it can again continue living in dreams.

If you are aware - only aware, without words - then autohypnosis becomes difficult. Without words, autohypnosis is difficult, because without words you cannot suggest anything to the mind. The Indian word mantra means suggestion, and nothing else. It means suggestion. If you are simply aware, without words, of the old lady and her figure, then you will see that your mind changes, the focus changes, and the younger woman comes into focus.

Why I’m saying this.if you become aware of words - just become aware of words and don’t use any word to push them away, don’t use any mantra to push them away, just become aware of the words - your mind will change automatically to gaps. It cannot continue. It will have to relax into the gap.

Either you are identified with words.then you go on jumping from one word to another. You escape the gap and go on jumping from one word to another, because another word is also something new. You have changed the word: the older word is not there and the newer word is there, so the mind goes on changing, the focus is changing.

Or, if you are not identified with words, if you are just a witness, just seeing words in a procession, just watching, aloof, just standing above and looking at the words.they are going in a procession, just like the street traffic goes, and you are just looking at it; things are changing, one person has passed, another has not yet come. There is a gap; the street is vacant.

If you are just watching, then you will know the gap. And once you have known the gap, you will know the jump, because the gap is the abyss. The word is the surface and the gap is the abyss. Once you have known the gap you are in it, you will jump into it, and it is so peace-giving, and it is so consciousness-creating. It is a mutation to be in the gap; it is a transformation to be in the gap. And once you have known the treasure of the gap, you will not lose it.

The moment language is not needed, you will drop it - and it is a conscious dropping. You are conscious of the abyss, you are conscious of the silence, the infinite silence. You are in it.

And another thing: when you are in the gap, in the interval, in the abyss, you become one with it. You cannot be separate from it. You are conscious and one, and that is the mystery of meditation. You are perfectly conscious and one with it also. It is not that you are conscious of something else separate from you - the other. You are never conscious of the abyss as the other; you are conscious of the abyss as yourself. And still you are conscious; you are not unconscious. You know, but the knower is now the knowing. You observe the gap, but now the observer is the observed.

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