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Chapter 13: Between Death and Rebirth

You have said that you remember your former life seven hundred years ago. Can you remember your name at that time and the occasion of your death? What I am interested in is what happened between your last life and your present life.

The question seems meaningful, but it is not. Life means that something is happening, and between two lives, there is nothing happening.

Between two lives there is a gap. If something is happening, then again it is another life. Nothing happens in the gap. You can remember it only as a gap, not filled by anything.

When we say that someone is alive we mean that something is happening in him. Life is the realm of happenings. Without a body, nothing happens: the body is the medium for things to happen. The moment you are beyond the body, or not in the body, nothing happens.

Then you can either be aware or unconscious: these are the two possibilities. If you are unconscious then you cannot remember. If you are conscious then you can remember. But the remembrance is only of the gap; there are no events.

Were you fully conscious of the gap between your last death and this birth?

Yes, I was fully conscious for those seven hundred years. I was fully conscious, but it was a consciousness of the gap, of the vacuum, of the emptiness, of nothing happening. Nothing can happen. “Happening” means being embodied. Only if you are in the body can anything happen.

Isn’t it boring then to be without a body?

No, because the concept of boredom belongs to the realm of happenings. If something is happening continuously then you are bored. Boredom is also a repetitive happening. If you have to eat the same food every day then you are bored. But when nothing happens, boredom is impossible. You cannot be bored by nothing.

During those seven hundred years, was there any desire to be reborn?

In the gap between lives no desire is possible. Desire happens when you are dying. Even for a desire to happen you have to be alive and in the body. The desire happens when you are dying - and the last desire you have in one life becomes the first desire at the beginning of a new life. But in the gap itself, there is no desiring.

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