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Chapter 9: Entering the Gap

According to you, nobody is able to impart the truth. Is what you say not true then?

What I am telling you is only an indication and should not be regarded as the truth itself. It is not the indicator you have to see, but where it points to. While you are looking there what you will see is the truth. There is no way to speak that truth. No sooner has it been uttered than it becomes false. The truth becomes the experience but never the expression.

You suggest that we fully drown. How can we do this?

I tell you from my own experience that there is nothing easier and simpler than drowning - drowning in one’s own self. The only thing one has to do for this is not to seek the support of anything on the surface of the mind. By catching hold of thoughts one is unable to drown, and because of their support one remains on the surface.

We are in the habit of catching hold of thoughts. As soon as one thought passes on we catch hold of another - but we never enter the gap between two successive thoughts. This gap itself is the door to drowning into the depths. Do not move into thoughts, move into that which is between them.

How can this be done? It can be done by waking up to the thoughts. Just as a man standing on the side of a road watches the people passing by, you should observe your thoughts. They are simply pedestrians, passing by on the road of the mind within you. Just watch them. Don’t choose any of them this way or that. Don’t form judgments about any of them. If you can observe them with detachment and indifference, your “fist” that has been gripping them opens automatically and you find yourself standing, not in thoughts, but in the interval, in the gap between them. But the gap has no foundation so it isn’t possible just to stand there. Simply by being there you drown.

And this drowning itself is to find the real support, because it is through this that you reach the reality you truly are. One who seeks support in the realm of thoughts is really suspended in the air without support, but he who throws away all crutches attains the support of his own self.

I want to conquer my mind but it seems to be an impossibility. Yet you say it is a very easy matter. What do you mean?

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