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Chapter 11: The Law of Grace

Mahavira must have thought.a deep compassion must have come to his heart for this man: foolish, stupid - but that’s how humanity is. He said, “Do one thing. There is no need to come to me. In your own capital there is a very poor man, and he likes to bargain. He has also attained. Go to him.”

The king had never heard the name of that poor man, but he said, “I will go.”

He went to that poor man. He was really a beggar, but with the same light in his eyes as Mahavira, with the same fragrance around him, with the same innocence. He was sitting under a tree. The king said, “You are part of my kingdom and whatsoever you have attained - give it to me! And whatsoever you want in return, I am ready to give. Even if you want my whole kingdom, I will give it to you. But bring out, give me, your samadhi.”

The man laughed. He said, “I can give you my life, it is in your hands, but I cannot give samadhi. Not that I don’t want to give it, but the very nature of it is such that it cannot be given. You will have to earn it.”

The king said, “But I have never earned anything. I am a conqueror. Whatsoever I need, I simply conquer it. I’m not a businessman; I never earn anything. I am a kshatriya, a warrior.”

The beggar said, “But here, your swords won’t do, neither your army. Here you will have to go alone, because it is a going inward. You have to go to your own center. And it cannot be given because you already have it. It has only to be known, discovered.”

Our ignorance is the only reason that we don’t have it. Not that we don’t have it - it has been always there. We have forgotten it. We have become oblivious to it, our eyes have become clouded. Our vision has lost the crystal clarity that is needed to rediscover it.

Have you watched? Sometimes you are trying to remember somebody’s name and you know it, and still it is not coming. You feel very puzzled. You say it is just on the tip of the tongue. You say, “I know it,” but if somebody insists, “If you know it, then why don’t you tell it?” you say, “But it is not coming.”

Have you watched this emptiness? You know the name, you know that you know it, but there is a gap. But that gap is not empty, and that gap is not passive. That gap is very active, intensely active. That gap is searching, that gap itself is in search for the forgotten name.

And another thing, if you watch. Somebody suggests some name and you say, “No, it is not that.” This is beautiful. You don’t know what is true, but you know what is false. You say, “That is not it.” Somebody suggests some other name. You say, “No, even that is not it. I know what it is!” The gap is not just a dead gap; it is dynamic. It knows what is false, it knows what is not true, but it has forgotten the truth.

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