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Chapter 25: Future Is Only a Word to Keep You Going

How can I find out which of the many voices inside me is the one which comes from the real self to guide me? How can I be sure it doesn’t come from the unconscious?

It is very simple: none of the voices come from the inner self. All voices come from the mind. When all voices are absent, the inner self inspires you in silence towards a certain action, direction. It does not come in words - it is just a silent indication. Otherwise it would have been absolutely impossible to find out which one is the voice of the inner self.

It is easy because no voice is of the inner self. So when all voices have died down and there is utter silence, the inner self is capable of taking your hand and moving you. That is the moment to be in a let-go, and allow it to take you wherever it takes you.

In language we have to use words which do not apply to the inner reality - for example, the “inner voice.” There is no voice - it is simply the inner silence. But if we use the words “inner silence,” you will not get the idea that there is some inspiration or some direction which is being pointed to. Hence the words, “inner voice” have been used. But these are not the right words.

In Europe today there is a disintegration of traditional values and an ideological void. The younger generation is called the “no-future generation.” Can you help?

I am certainly helping - helping the older generation to disappear as quickly as possible, helping the old generation to be finished fast.

And when they call, in an abusive way, the younger generation the “no-future generation,” to me it is not a condemnation. It is man coming of age.

To live without future is the greatest courage. Only cowards live in the future.

Man’s past has been very cowardly. It was living, not in the present, but in the future: all that has to happen is to happen tomorrow. And in that hope they lived, and they died. And what they were waiting for never turned up. It proved to be waiting for Godot.

The younger generation will have to pass through a very painful experience, because for centuries man has lived either in the past or in the future - never in the present.

The present has remained unexplored, unlived.

And that is the only reality there is.

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