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Chapter 7: Zorba and Buddha: Their Split Is Your Social Disease

And these people are living almost out of date, out of time. They are not contemporaries. Because the day they deported me from the island, the people of the island, who had no idea about me, just rumors. But seeing the threat of the archbishop they all felt ashamed. And they asked me, “What can we do? We are poor people.”

I said, “All of you go to the airport to show the archbishop how many people are with him and how many people are with me - although I have been here for only fifteen days and they have been here for two thousand years.” And there were only six old women with the archbishop in the church, and three thousand people, the whole island, at the airport.

Still they don’t understand that they are no longer needed, that their time is finished. And they talk about loving your enemy and loving your neighbor, and God is love - and they threaten a man, who has not done anything, that they will burn him alive, with all his friends. At least twenty-five people were staying in that big mansion.

This shows that somehow the Western mind has not grown towards inwardness, towards love, towards non-violence. Their whole approach is materialistic. Two thousand years after Jesus was crucified, and this man is threatening me - Jesus Christ’s representative in Greece is threatening me - that he will burn me alive. Does he represent Jesus Christ or was he also one of the rabbis who crucified Jesus Christ?

The mind of the priest in the west has been a hindrance to Western growth towards meditation. But a strange time of revolution has come - at least for the new generation, because the new generation is not with these old priests and these old churches. And the new generation in the West is looking towards the East. That’s a great hope.

That is Zorba searching for Gautam Buddha.

Thoughts of death have been a frequent visitor during my disciplehood. How can a disciple die in a master’s presence, especially when the master is physically distant?
Osho, is Mahakashyap the only answer?

The question is not whether or not you are in the presence of the master, but whether or not you are filled with love and trust for the master. Physical closeness means nothing. Only spiritual closeness is significant. Your love, your trust is enough. You can be on the moon and the master will be by your side - really, the master will be inside you - because as your love deepens, something of the master, his energies, start melting and merging with you. The fear of physical distance is the fear of lack of love and trust.

Mahakashyap alone is not the answer. Everybody has to be an answer unto himself. Mahakashyap remained with Buddha, and after Buddha’s death he died; he could not survive separately. But that is Mahakashyapa’s uniqueness. It is not the only answer.