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Chapter 33: Truth Is a Dance in the Heart

But now it seems, because Christianity and Mohammedanism and communism - which should be included in the religions, because it is just an atheist religion.. It has a trinity of Karl Marx, Engels, and Lenin, and it has a holy bible, Das Kapital, and it believes as faithfully in the words of Marx as any Christian believes in the words of Jesus.

Marx is outdated as much as anybody else, although he is not very old. But in these hundred years there has been so much development in science and technology that Marx is absolutely out of date. For example, Marx proposes materialism as the base of communism and modern physics says there is no matter. Matter simply does not exist, it only appears to. That comes very close to the ancient Upanishadic approach to reality which says the world is just a dream. It is an appearance but not a reality.

Modern physics comes very close to the Upanishads - it does not support Karl Marx, it goes absolutely against Karl Marx. But in Russia they go on teaching people - from the kindergarten to the university - materialism, materialistic communism. It is almost a religion.

And these three religions - communism, Christianity and Islam - are covering almost the whole earth. You cannot enter Russia, you cannot enter China, you cannot enter other communist countries; you cannot enter Mohammedan countries..

While I was coming back to India, I had to stay the whole night in Cyprus because Saudi Arabia would not allow me to fly over the country because it was some religious day. I said, “My flying over the sky has nothing to do with your religious day. You can celebrate, you can.. You must not be celebrating in the sky, you must be celebrating on the earth.”

But no, nobody can pass over the country. And lately I have been informed, particularly because I was there in a chartered plane.. If somebody else had been there, they may have allowed them. I would have been flying thousands of feet above, but I had to wait for twelve hours in Cyprus till their religious festival was over, and then they let me move.

So the world is full of crude, unintelligent, idiotic ideologies. It is difficult to turn the wheel of truth. But on the other hand, for the first time, the youth of the world is no longer interested in the past. It has lost its roots in the past. It has no respect for the past because it can see clearly that the past has been ugly, barbarous; and what man has done to man is intolerable.

And tomorrow this new mind, the new generation, is going to be powerful everywhere. This generation is open to the future, and there is every possibility that the new generation will be able to understand what I am saying without any difficulty.

So there is no need to be worried about the old generation. One of its legs is almost in the grave - I just have to wait in Cyprus for twelve hours more and the whole old generation will have gone into the grave!

But the wheel is going to move.