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Chapter 2: Is There Life before Death?

What should I do? Should I cry and weep over spilt milk? If you cannot laugh at knowledgeable people, at whom are you going to laugh? They are the most stupid people in the world, the most ridiculous.

A British couple after a few years of marriage finally had a child. As the child’s hair was completely red and both parents’ hair was brown, things looked a little suspicious. The bewildered wife, upset at the obvious insinuations, suggested that they both go to see a doctor.

The doctor, after taking note of the unusual phenomenon, looked even more puzzled than the couple. “According to the laws of genetics,” he explained, “it is impossible that a man and a woman with brown hair can give birth to a child with red hair.” The doctor decided to make inquiries in another direction. “How frequently do you have sexual intercourse?” he asked.

The answer was a British embarrassed silence.

“Once a day?” encouraged the doctor.

“Well, not really,” was the embarrassed answer of the couple.

“Well, once a week then?” asked the doctor.

“Ahem, I wouldn’t say that,” answered the man.

“Once a month?” probed the doctor.

“Well, ahem, we don’t - not that often,” was the reply.

“Aha!” cried the doctor. “Now I get it! Nothing to be worried about - it’s only rust!”

Enough for today.