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Chapter 22: What More Do You Want?

That experience also remains with you, deep in your unconscious. And even after the birth, that experience continues for at least three to four years - in the girls, three years; in the boys, four years. It is strange but about everything, girls are always one year ahead. They become sexually mature at the age of thirteen. Boys become sexually mature at the age of fourteen. In life, too, the girls learn better; they learn with more concentration.

You can see in the schools, in the colleges, in the universities - the boys are scattered all over, their minds are always in fragments. They want to do many things. The girls are more together and more concentrated in whatever they are doing. They learn better, they learn early, and it is a historical fact that in the past, there used to be wise women who were more deeply experienced about life.

Christianity destroyed thousands of wise women, burned them alive. Even the name “witch” - which means “a wise woman” and nothing else - became so condemnatory.and the same happened in the East. All the religions prohibited women, and I can see that the reason is a great fear that if women are allowed the same opportunity as is given to men, they will be far ahead in the experience of God. And that is against the ego of man.

The male ego has done such great harm. Half of humanity has been completely prevented even from entering the area of religion. This was done out of fear. So you have Gautam Buddha and you have Jesus and you have Mahavira and you have Lao Tzu, but you don’t have women of parallel height, because all chances were taken away, all possibilities were destroyed.

My own experience is that women can enter into meditation more easily than men. Man has a better head - logically, intellectually, he can go far in search in the outer world - but the woman has a better heart. She’s more introvert; she can go easily, very easily, to the innermost center of her being.

Self-knowledge, enlightenment, will be far easier to a woman. For a man, it is easier to become Alexander the Great, Adolf Hitler, Genghis Khan, Nadir Shah. These thousands of wars would have been avoided if the woman had not been completely ignored, repressed, forced to live like a slave. And she constitutes half of humanity.

I want to say to the women of the whole world that your liberation movement has not done anything, because it is in the hands of very stupid women. They are reactionaries, not revolutionaries. Otherwise, the simple and the most important thing, the first priority, is that the women should demand a separate vote, so that women can only vote for women and men can only vote for men. Just a simple and single step, and all the parliaments of the world will be half filled with women. And the women will be naturally in power because man by nature has a tendency to fight. He will create parties, political parties, religious ideologies - on small, minor, trivial things.

So if the women in a parliament are one single whole, the other half, of men, will be divided into at least eight or ten parties. The whole world can move into the hands of women. And women are not interested in wars, women are not interested in nuclear weapons, women are not interested in communism or capitalism.

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