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Chapter 26: A Genius in Exploitation

Jeff McMullen, 60 Minutes Australia TV

Ma Yoga Pratima

You were right about one thing, Osho. I did come back. One early prophecy that was correct. Osho, as you are the world’s greatest showman, maybe you would like to assist us in promoting this performance for Australia with a little national greeting to Australians. What we say is, “Good day mate! It’s good to be back on 60 Minutes!”

Just start. I am twenty-four hours ready for any show.

You told me that you love Sheela, and Sheela said you were the man of her eyes. So is this the end of a great love affair now?

Love affair never ends. It can turn into a hate affair. From my side, never, but from her side it has become a hate affair.

It does sound to me it has turned to a hate affair from Sheela.

Yes. From her side it has turned. She did not prove to be a woman, she proved to be a perfect bitch.

Would you like to have a look at what she has to say to you?

I know her mind. I can see, but I can say without knowing.

Recording of Sheela’s voice: It’s time that you let people know who you are, the way I have come to know you, which is that on one hand you’re a genius and a beautiful man, and on the other hand you really exploit people by using their human frailty and emotions.

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