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Chapter 14: Words from the Silences of Your Heart

We dream only of things which we don’t have; we imagine things only which we don’t have. But once you start having real experiences, those experiences start changing your lifestyle, your responses to situations; you can start feeling constantly within you a coolness, a grace, a gratitude towards existence, and out of this peacefulness, silence, beauty, all your actions arise.they also have something of it. Your words come out from the silences of your heart; they also have some music from their original source.

It is a well-known fact: a man like Jesus was uneducated, but no rabbi in the whole history of Judaism, four thousand years - and Jewish rabbis are great scholars, unparalleled in any other religion - but no Jewish rabbi has spoken the way an uneducated carpenter’s son, Jesus, spoke. And he knew nothing of scripture, he knew nothing of the art of oratory. Even those who were not in agreement with him had to say, “One thing we cannot deny: nobody has ever spoken the way he speaks.”

And he is using simple words, ordinary words used by common people, but on his lips those ordinary words have a changed quality. They are coming from a depth; they are bringing some fragrance with them, they are bringing some authority of his experience. The same words are available.all the Christian missionaries are repeating the same words every day. But you don’t feel any impact, you don’t see.Why the difference?

The difference is that Jesus was speaking out of experience, and these people are speaking only out of their education. For Jesus, it was his life. For these missionaries, it is their salary; it is their livelihood, not their life. For Jesus, what he was saying was so important that he was ready to sacrifice his life, but not to compromise on any ground. But these missionaries, if somebody gives them a better salary, will change their religion immediately. These are professionals. Their words don’t have any depth. Their words are not alive, but corpses. They look similar, they sound similar, but you can see when you hear a missionary..

One of the most famous missionaries in both parts of the world, East and West, was Stanley Jones. He used to live for six months in the East - he had a beautiful ashram in the Himalayas - and for six months he used to live in the West. I have come across many missionaries, but the caliber that Stanley Jones had, none of them have had. He was a genius. But even a genius cannot put life into words that are not his experience.

I told him.because he used to stay very near to where I was a teacher in the university, and slowly we became very intimate. He was a sincere man. I said, “There is a difference - you may accept it, you may not accept it. These are the same words spoken by Jesus, which you speak every day in your sermons, but something is missing. They sound the same; they are exactly the same words. And perhaps you are pronouncing them better than Jesus. He was uneducated, you are a genius” - and he was one of the best speakers - “and Jesus has nothing as far as the art of oratory is concerned. But his words had a life, his words had wings; they reached you as alive beings, not just corpses. Not just stuffed, dead birds, looking alive.”

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