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Chapter 22: Here Everyone Is the Best

He painted his stars as spirals. Everybody laughed, because stars are not spirals. Just recently, physicists have come to the idea that stars are spirals - just because of their distance we cannot see that they are spirals - and Van Gogh was for the first time validated by science. A hundred years before, with naked eyes, with no scientific instruments.the man’s clarity must have been immense. His love must have been so enormous, his silence so penetrating, that it reached to the farthest stars without any instruments, without any support. Everybody was against him, but he painted stars as spirals.

A man should live according to his heart. Even if he remains a beggar, he will have a dignity which even a king cannot have. The king can lose his dignity within minutes. A man should work not out of fear and comparison and to defeat someone, but to express his own genius. And everybody has a genius of some kind.

Now something for Deva Satyarthi to laugh. I don’t want anybody to be serious here. It is a temple of love, a temple of laughter. Seriousness is considered sickness by me.

A woman is out riding one day when she falls off her horse and shoots straight through a hedge, where her jeans and sweater are torn off. She is lying naked and unconscious in the field when Father Murphy comes by on his bicycle.

Seeing the naked girl, he runs over to see what has happened, but not knowing what to do, he places his black priest’s hat over her pussy and jumps on his bicycle to go and get help.

Just then, Paddy and Sean stagger out of the pub and go over to the hedge to take a piss.

Seeing the girl lying there, Paddy turns to Sean and says, “Look, that girl seems to be in trouble.”

“She is,” says Sean, “and the first thing we’ve got to do is to get Father Murphy out of there.”

A young cowboy, in the wild west for the first time, finds himself in a town without women. At the local saloon, he asks the other cowboys how they manage without women, and they tell him to find a sheep or a cow for a companion.

A few days later, the young man walks in with a pig. He sits her down at a table and then walks over to the bar and says, “I will have a large whiskey for myself and a root beer for the young lady.”

The bartender reaches below the bar and brings out his shotgun. He points it at the young man, who starts to back away.

“I don’t understand,” he says. “You told me I could find a companion.”

“I know,” replies the bartender, taking aim.

“Then why are you pointing that gun at me?” cries the cowboy.

“We told you to find a companion,” says the bartender, “but not the sheriff’s wife.”