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Chapter 10: Forget All about It

“Fifty cents,” replied the pig.

“I see you are no gentleman,” hissed the woman on the street corner at the Italian who laughed as the wind swept her skirt over her head.

“No,” he replied, “and I see-a you are not-a one-a either.”

A long-suffering Italian husband was burying his wife. It chanced that in passing through the gate, the coffin was thrust hard against one of the posts. Almost immediately, to the amazement of the mourners, a muffled scream was heard. The lid was hastily unscrewed, and lo! the woman was not dead at all. She was taken home, and lived for three years. Then she died again.

At the funeral, as the coffin was being lowered from the hearse, the husband addressed the bearers very solemnly: “Boys, mind that post!”

Enough for today.