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Chapter 6: Desireless Devotion

It is because of this “perhaps” that there are so many expressions. If this “perhaps” were not there then you would not come across any expression of the enlightened ones. You would find all of them sitting silently. What they have known is one, but those to whom it has to be said are many. And the one through whom it has to be said also has limitations, hence there are differences. The differences are because of their limitations. The differences are also because of your level of understanding. And it has to be explained to many: what is known is one but it has to be conveyed to many. What they have known is one but it needs to be expressed in many ways. And then each person has his limitations.

Understand it in this way: when electricity flows through the motor of a fan then the fan works, when it flows through a bulb then the bulb gives light, when it flows through a radio the radio picks up sound. The electricity is one but the mediums through which it passes are many.

When the electricity of the divine passed through Meera, Tying the ankle bells, Meera entered the dance. When the electricity of the divine passed through Shankara a great storm of logic and debate arose. Neither is logic capable nor is dance capable, because the divine is so vast that it cannot be contained by anything.

But howsoever small a finger may be, it can point towards the moon. A beautiful finger wearing diamond-studded rings can point the way, and also a finger which is not so beautiful. The difference in the type of finger makes no difference. What does make a difference is if you hold onto the finger and forget the moon.

So don’t hold onto the finger, always turn your attention towards the moon. Forget the finger - forget that which is said, remember that which cannot be said. Forget that which is written and read that which cannot be written - that which is beyond expression yet the great compassionate ones have tried to express it. Don’t cling to their gestures, forget the gestures. Raise your eyes towards the sky and see the moon in the sky. Then you will find Mohammed’s finger, Mahavira’s finger, Krishna’s finger, Christ’s finger - they are different fingers but the moon in the sky is one.

The realization is one but its expressions are many.

Enough for today..