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Chapter 8: Session 8

Sixth, by another Sufi mystic, Junnaid, the master of al-Hillaj Mansoor.. Al-Hillaj became world famous because he was murdered; hence Junnaid fell into shadow. But the few sentences, fragments, that have survived from Junnaid are really great. Otherwise how could he have produced a disciple like al-Hillaj Mansoor? Only a few stories, verses and statements remain, all of them fragmentary. That is the way of the mystic: he does not even bother to connect them into a whole. He does not make a garland of flowers, but only heaps them. It is up to you to choose.

Junnaid said to al-Hillaj Mansoor, “What you have known, keep it to yourself. Do not shout Ana’l Haq! so loudly. If you say it, you will say it in such a way that nobody can hear you.”

Everybody has been unjust to Junnaid. They thought he was a little afraid. It is not so. It is easy to know the truth, it is easy to declare it; it is immensely difficult to keep it in your heart undeclared, unpronounced. Let those who want come to the well of your being, to your silence.

Seventh is a book by a man Junnaid would have loved: Meher Baba. He was silent for thirty years. Nobody has been silent for so long. Mahavira was silent for only twelve years, that was the record. Meher Baba broke all records. Thirty years of silence! He used to make gestures with his hands, as I do when I speak, because there are a few things which can only be said through gestures. Meher Baba dropped the words, but he could not drop the gestures. We are fortunate that he did not drop gestures too. The intimate ones who lived with him started writing notes through his gestures, and the book that was published after thirty years of Meher Baba’s silence has a strange title, as it should have. The title of the book is God Speaks.

Meher Baba lived in silence and died in silence. He never spoke, but his silence was itself his statement, his expression, his song. So it is not really strange to title the book God Speaks.

There is a Zen book which says: The flower does not speak. It is wrong, absolutely wrong. The flower speaks too. Of course it does not speak in English or Japanese or Sanskrit; it speaks in the language of flowers. It speaks through its perfume. I know it well because I am allergic to perfume. I can hear a flower speaking from miles away, so I am speaking from my own experience. It is not a metaphor. I say again, a flower speaks too, but its language is that of flowers. God Speaks, however it sounds, is true about Meher Baba. He spoke without speaking at all.

Number please, Devageet?

“Number eight, Osho.”

We have traveled long; just a little more patience.

Eighth is a very unknown book. It should not be unknown because it was written by George Bernard Shaw. The book is called Maxims for a Revolutionary. All his other books are well known except for Maxims for a Revolutionary. Only an insane man like me can choose it. I have forgotten everything else he has written - it is all rubbish, just garbage.

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