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Chapter 2: Listen to the Message of the Rain

Anyway, whom are you going to ask? Other than you, who can answer why you are here? And you have not gone deep enough into yourself to find who you are. To ask the question, you have to find yourself first. Those who have gone within themselves to find who is in have not returned, because the more they went in, the more the ice melted. And when they reached to the innermost, they themselves were not there, only a pure space.

This pure space is the only scripture Zen will accept as holy. It is not man-made. It is not born. It knows nothing of death. It simply goes on and on, flowering in many ways, forming many houses to live in, moving from house to house, from body to body, from one species into another species. But all this movement does not leave any trace of change in your authenticity.

Hyakujo was absolutely right when he said, “I was weeping a little while ago, you are right. And now I am laughing. And one never knows what is going to happen after my laughter.”

This is the very essence of Zen when I say to you about our meditation: Don’t ask why we have to go into gibberish. You have to go into gibberish because you have to go out of it. Your minds are full of gibberish and nothing else. Say everything that you ever wanted to say and have not been able to say because of civilization, education, culture, society.

Here, nobody is listening; everybody is engaged in his own business. Only a few idiots will be there who may be watching what is happening. Rather than being participants, they are observing a phenomenal thing. But they will not know the taste when, after gibberish - as after all this rain - a coolness comes to you, a silence penetrates your being.

Gibberish is simply throwing away all garbage. It is difficult to do it anywhere else because you will wonder what people are going to think. This is the place where nobody is thinking about you. It is your business what you are talking, what you are doing, laughing or crying or speaking Chinese without knowing it, and making gestures. Nobody has time; it is so short that everybody has to do his thing first!

When you are in gibberish, you are alone; everybody is alone, minding his own business. You don’t interfere and ask anybody, “What are you doing? What are you saying? What language?” No language, no rationality - everybody is trying to throw out the craziness. Everybody is trying to get out of the mind, out of the “why.”

And once you are out of the mind, you are in. To be in the mind is to be out of yourself; to be out of the mind is to be in your own being.

Maneesha has asked a question. Before answering her question I have an apology to make to Rupesh. Nivedano has been beating the drum. Now that crazy guy has gone to Rajasthan in search of more rocks to make a bigger fountain and waterfall. He was very much worried about what will happen to the drum. Who will drum?

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