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Chapter 18: The Mystic Rose

Satyam shivam sundaram.

You cannot believe your own eyes. You have never dreamed that you contain so much, that your potential is so valuable, that your interiority is an inexhaustible treasure, that you need not be in debt to existence forever. You can return to existence in a millionfold way what existence has given to you. That moment is of great joy, not only on your side but on the side of the whole cosmos.

The experience is such a mystery that there is no way to demystify it. You can experience it but you cannot explain it. That is the meaning of the word mystic. You can have it, but you become almost dumb. You cannot utter a single word that may carry something of that rose, its beauty, its fragrance, its dance, its music.nothing can be carried through any word.

The word magic is also meaningful. Things like this only happen in magic - unbelievable. You see with your own eyes things which should not be happening but they are happening.

One of the greatest losses to India happened when India became divided from Pakistan, and it was the last thing the politicians ever thought about. In my childhood I encountered it almost every day, because all over the country the streets were full of magicians.

With my own eyes I have seen things which even today I cannot figure out how they were managing. Of course there were tricks behind them; there was no miracle, neither were they claiming that they were performing miracles. They were simple people, poor people - not arrogant - but what they were doing was almost a miracle.

In my childhood I have seen magicians planting a small mango tree, just six inches high at the most.. In front of everybody they would dig the hole, put the plant in, cover the plant and then chant in gibberish You cannot understand what they are saying but the pretension is that there is some communication between them and the hidden plant.

The moment they removed the cover, that six-inch mango plant would have ripe mangoes. And they would invite people - you could come close, you could see that those mangoes were not in any way tied on. People would come and see and they would say that they are growing, not attached.

The magician would offer those mangoes to a few people so that they could taste that they were not false or illusory - and people would taste them and they would say, “We have never tasted such sweet mangoes in our whole life!” And there was no claim for any miracle.

I have seen magicians bringing from their bellies big round balls of solid steel. They would be so big it was difficult to take them out of their mouths - people were needed to pull them out of their mouths - and they were so heavy that when they were thrown on the earth they would make a dent.

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