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Chapter 19: The Three-Rung Ladder of Love

Allow this question mark to settle in you. The meaningful questions will be solved, the meaningless will be known as absurd - and then finally only the question mark remains.

I am happy. that you say, “The paradox is that the words dissolve but the question mark remains.” Rejoice! Celebrate! This is a great moment, this is the door to the divine.

The second question:

Is there really something like an inferiority complex?

Psychobabble! The psychologists have taken the place of the theologist. The theologian is out of date, the psychologist is in. And psychology has created great psychobabble, great words, strange words, but when you can use great and strange words which are really nothing but gibberish, you can impress people.

Do you know from where the word gibberish comes? It comes from the name of a Sufi mystic, Jabbar. He used to talk nonsense, because he came to understand, as every buddha has always come to understand, that whatsoever you say is nonsense. Then why even pretend that it is sense?

Jabbar started really talking nonsense. He would use sounds, words - nobody could follow what he was saying. Everybody was free to have his own interpretation. The followers of Jabbar were many - because when the master cannot be understood, it is very easy for the disciples to follow him, because then they can interpret.

For example, if you had asked Jabbar, “Do you believe in God?” he would have said, “Hoo hoo!” Now, it is up to you to find out what Hoo hoo means. The very clever one will think it is the last part of Allah-hoo, that the master has given only a hint, and so on, so forth.

Or he will do something absurd. You ask, “What is God?” and he may stand on his head immediately. Now it is up to you to figure it out - and everybody is clever in figuring out things. Somebody will think he had given the indication that everything is topsy-turvy, so whatsoever you have been thinking up to now has to be put upside down. Some disciples even started reading the scriptures backwards!

But one thing was good about it: Jabbar must have enjoyed the whole show! He must have really enjoyed how many interpretations people can find. The English word gibberish comes from Jabbar.

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