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Chapter 10: Meditation Has a Great Future

There is a center in each of us where all this energy dwells - hidden and asleep. You should say that it lies there in seed form, enclosed and latent, but it can become manifest. And it is called kunda, the pool, or the reservoir.

The word kunda is very significant; it has many meanings. One meaning is a still and tranquil pool without a ripple. If even a single ripple is there, it means that the energy has become active. Kunda means that its content, its energy, is without any movement; it is perfectly passive, calm and resting. Another meaning is that, even though it is passive and asleep, it can at any moment become alert, active, and moving. It is not a dry and dead pool; it is full to the brim. And although right now it is in a passive, sleeping state, at any moment it can become active, dynamic.

That may be why you don’t know what lies asleep inside you. You can be aware only of as much as becomes awake and active; only the active part of the energy will enter your consciousness, its passive part will lie asleep in your unconscious. That is why even the greatest of men, unless they attain to the ultimate, remain unaware of this energy. Mahavira, Buddha, Krishna and Jesus, none of them were aware of their potential until they had actualized it, until they had attained to the height of their greatness.

That is why when the event of awakening happens effortlessly, the awakened ones believe that it is a gift of grace from the unknown. They wonder how and whence this gift came to them. And so they feel that it comes from whosoever is nearest to them. If the master is the nearest person, they will say it is a gift from the master. And if the nearest object is a statue of God and not the master, then they will give all the credit to the statue. Whatever precedes the event - a Buddha or God in heaven - will be taken as the source. The fact is that it always comes from their own inner source, but because of their past unawareness they ascribe it to some outside agency, like their master or the idol of God, that happens to be nearest to the event.

I read a story just the other day.

Two farmers boarded a railway train for the first time. They were residents of a mountain village and they were born on the same day. So when their birthday arrived, the people of their village thought of giving them some gift. And as the railway had just arrived in their part of the country, there could not be a better gift than a train trip. So the farmers received two tickets, and started on their first journey by railway.

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