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Chapter 7: A Man Who Loved Seagulls

In the very search you create unhappiness. When you don’t search, happiness searches for you. When you search, you search alone and you will not find. Where will you seek? How will you search? Mind can never be happy. Mind is your accumulated discontent. Mind is your accumulated unhappy past, the whole suffering that you have passed through: it is a wound in your being. And the mind tries to seek, to pursue, and you miss.

When you forget about happiness, suddenly you are happy. When you forget about contentment, suddenly it is there. It has always been there around you, but you were not there. You were thinking: Somewhere in the future a target has to be achieved, happiness earned, contentment practiced. You were in the future and happiness was just around you like the fragrance of a flower.

Yes, God is a loafer. He is always loitering somewhere around. And you have gone too far, seeking. Come back home! And just be. Don’t bother about happiness. Life is there as a gift; happiness is also going to be there as a gift - a gift from the whole, a holy gift.

When you are seeking too much you are closed; the very tension of seeking and searching closes you. When you are desiring too much, the very desire becomes such a tense state of affairs that happiness cannot penetrate you. Happiness penetrates you in the same way as sleep; contentment comes to you in the same way as sleep: when you are in a letgo, when you allow, when you simply wait, they come.

In fact, to say they come is not right: they are already there. In a letgo you can see them and feel them, because you are relaxed. In relaxation you become more sensitive - and happiness is the subtlest thing possible, the most subtle, the very cream of life, the essence. When you are relaxed in a total letgo, not doing anything, not going anywhere, not thinking of any goals, no target, not like an arrow but like a bow, relaxing, without tension - it is there.

I have heard a story about a great mogul emperor, Babur, who conquered India. He became one of the greatest emperors in the world, ruled almost the biggest part of the world any man has ever ruled.

A man, a very wise man, came to see him, but the wise man was very disappointed because Babur was talking to his court people in such a profane way - vulgar, cracking jokes; ordinary, not refined even - and laughing a belly laugh. The wise man was disappointed. He said, “I was thinking that you were a cultured man, and I have heard many stories that you love wisdom; that’s why I am here. I have heard that in your court you have many wise men, learned men, scholars, musicians, philosophers, religious men, and what do I see here? A simple vulgarity. It is intolerable. I cannot be here in your court a single moment more!”

Babur said, “Just one moment, then you can go. Look in that corner.” In that corner was a bow.

The wise man said, “What has that to do with the situation?”

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