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Chapter 9: Means and Ends

In moments when you are going to die, the mind stops because there is nothing for it to work on. The mind is part of life, it is not part of death. When there is no life ahead, mind stops; there is no work, it is unemployed immediately. And when mind stops, the inner voice comes in. It is always there, but there is so much noise that a still small voice cannot be heard.

The voice had not come from beyond, there is nobody beyond, everything is within. God is not in the skies, it is in you. He was going to die - the last decision taken by the mind. But then the mind retired, there was no more work, and suddenly he heard the voice. This voice came from his innermost core, and the voice that comes from the innermost core is always right.

Then what happened? Twice the voice worked, but then the mind entered again and the mind said, “Don’t listen to such nonsense, the stars are high and we are winning.”

Remember this: whenever you win, you win because of the inner voice. But the mind always comes in and takes charge. Whenever you feel happiness it is always from the inner. Then mind immediately jumps in and takes control and says, “It is because of me.” When you are in love, it is like death, you feel blissful. Immediately mind comes in and says, “Okay, this is me, this is because of me.”

Whenever you meditate, there are glimpses. Then the mind comes in and says, “Be happy! Look, I have done it.” And immediately the contact is lost.

Remember this: with mind you will always be a loser. Even if you are victorious, your victories will be just defeats. With mind there is no victory, with no-mind there is no defeat.

You have to shift your whole consciousness from mind to no-mind. Once no-mind is there, everything is victorious. Once the no-mind is there, nothing goes wrong, nothing can go wrong. With no-mind everything is absolutely as it should be. One is content, not a single fragment of discontent remains, one is absolutely at home. You are an outsider because of the mind.

This shift is possible only if you become indifferent; otherwise this shift will never be possible. Even if you have glimpses, those glimpses will be lost. You have had glimpses before - it is not only in prayer and meditation that glimpses happen. Glimpses happen in ordinary life too. Making love to a woman, the mind stops. That is why sex is so appealing; it is a natural ecstasy. For a single moment suddenly mind is not there, you feel blissful and content - but only for a single moment. Immediately the mind comes in and starts - how to get more, how to stay longer? Planning, control, manipulation comes in, and you have missed.