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Chapter 9: Mind Immaculate in Its Very Being

So the first thing Tantra says is that you have to learn the language of orgasm. Again, when you are making love to a woman or to a man, what happens? For a few seconds - it is very rare; it is becoming even rarer and rarer as man is becoming more and more civilized. For a few seconds again you are no longer in the mind. With a shock you are cut off from the mind, in a jump you are outside the mind. For those few seconds of orgasm when you are out of the mind, you again relate. Again you are back in the womb, in the womb of your woman or in the womb of your man. You are no longer separate. Again there is unity - not union.

When you start making love to a woman, there is the beginning of a union. But when orgasm comes there is no union, there is unity; the duality is lost. What happens in that deep, peak experience?

Tantra reminds you again and again that whatsoever happens in that peak moment is the language to relate with existence. It is the language of the guts, it is the language of your very being. So either think in terms of when you were in the womb of your mother, or think in terms of when you are again lost in the womb of your beloved and for a few seconds mind simply does not work.

Those moments of no-mind are your glimpses into samadhi, glimpses of satori, glimpses of God. We have forgotten that language, and that language has to be learned again. Love is the language.

The language of love is silent. When two lovers are really in deep harmony, in what Carl Jung used to call synchronicity, when their vibes are just synchronizing with each other, when they are both vibrating on the same wavelength, then there is silence. Then lovers don’t like to talk. It is only husbands and wives who talk, lovers fall silent.

In fact the husband and wife cannot keep silence because language is the way to avoid the other. If you are not avoiding the other, if you are not talking, it becomes very embarrassing, the presence of the other. The husband and wife immediately release their ink. Anything will do, but they release the ink around themselves; they are lost in the cloud, then there is no problem.

Language is not a way to relate, more or less it is a way to avoid. When you are in deep love you may hold the hand of your beloved, but you will be silent.utter silence, not a ripple. In that rippleless lake of your consciousness, something is conveyed, the message is given. It is a wordless message.

Tantra says: One has to learn the language of love, the language of silence, the language of each other’s presence, the language of the heart, the language of the guts.

We have learned a language which is not existential. We have learned an alien language - utilitarian of course.fulfills a certain purpose of course - but as far as higher exploration of consciousness is concerned it is a barrier. On the lower level it is okay. In the marketplace of course you need a certain language, silence won’t do. But as you move deeper and higher, language won’t do.

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