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Chapter 13: Three Tickets for Titsburg

All that you need is to forget always what happens, and remember always there is much more. There is no need to long for it because it always happens whenever you are right. Whenever you are in a right tuning you hear the music from the beyond. And whenever you are in a right space the whole existence celebrates with you.

There is no technique to forget, just a simple understanding. If a woodcutter can go ahead, why can’t you go a little deeper into your meditation? That memory of a beautiful experience is holding you back. Forget all about it. It is not worth remembering because much more is there.

Keep yourself available for much more. On this path there is no poverty, there is always more and more richness.

On this path you don’t become finally a beggar, you become an emperor.

The plane hit a storm and was going up and down and sideways. A little old lady was getting very nervous and suddenly she shouted, “Everybody on the plane pray!”

A Scotsman sitting next to her said, “I don’t know how to pray.”

“Well, do something religious!” the old lady cried.

So he got up, took off his hat and started making a collection.

That’s the only thing he knows that is religion.

Don’t just wait for those spaces, there are greater religious spaces ahead. Don’t get stuck with prayers.

“Before sending you to the chair,” said the judge to Moishe Finkelstein, “is there a last request you would like to make?”

“Yes, judge,” said Moishe, “I would like to have a look at my wife first, then I will feel more like dying.”

People have strange fixations. Don’t bother about what happened in the past. What is happening right now is so beautiful, is it not? Then why create any disturbance. Just go deeper into it.

That which is available will open new skies and many, many spaces. And then you will wonder how foolish it was to expect your kindergarten experiences. Those were just little glimpses of the unknown. The whole unknown is still waiting for you to experience it.