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Chapter 27: There Is Nothing to Do

This is the point where a master is needed. He is not needed in the beginning because one can start on one’s own, but when this experience comes then someone is needed who can give assurance, who can give you confidence again, who can put you back on the path.

In a way it has been a blessing. It is rare, because usually people work for years before it happens. If you have worked for years there is not so much fear, because by and by you are gradually being prepared. Little glimpses of it come and go, so you know something of it and that it is going to happen.

When it happens so suddenly, then either the body suffers or the mind, which is worse; some people can go mad. So both are possible. But you have to understand that it happened not because of the meditation but because you started fighting, you started to come up, to surface.

If you are in the river and you are caught in a whirlpool, the natural tendency is to somehow fight it. But this is wrong. Masters of swimming will tell you that if you are caught in a whirlpool, you should cooperate with it. If you go with it, if you give all your energy to it, there is no conflict, so no energy is wasted. At the rock bottom of the whirlpool it is so small that it cannot hold you, so there is no need even to come out of it; you will be simply out of it. But if you start fighting it on the surface you are wasting your energy, and you will lose it before you get to the bottom; you will be gone.

It was just like an explosion(.

Yes, it was an explosion! People long for it all their lives. The opportunity was very close, mm?(but it will come again. That method is your method, and you have found the key.


I did the Gourishankar meditation and something physically happened. Something cold was rising up, and something was happening here (indicating his third eye). I was screaming for thoughts to come because there were no thoughts at all. I got very frightened. After it was over I was very ashamed that I didn’t go through it.

Yes, that too is right. It was good, mm?

It is such an unknown state when thoughts stop. We have always lived with thoughts - that is the known, the familiar; we are moving on a well-trodden path. When you stop thinking for the first time, then the wildness of existence opens its door. It is chaotic. The greatest fear that can come to a man is to not be able to think. When you cannot think, you cannot be, for without thinking you disappear.

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