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Chapter 12: The Other Shore

A woman returns from a shopping trip wearing a very chic new dress. Her husband, appalled at the cost of the dress, tells her angrily that they cannot afford to spend money that way.

“Well,” says his wife, “I’m afraid the devil tempted me!”

“Don’t you know,” fumes the husband, “that when the devil tempts you, you are supposed to say, ‘Get thee behind me’?”

“Yes,” she replies, “I did that, but then he said, ‘My dear, it fits you so beautifully at the back!’”

No old strategies will help anymore. It is better to go through all these experiences of greed, anger and sex.

Don’t be a coward. Your name means courageous, brave, and what you are asking is cowardly. Go through these experiences. Accept them as part of life, as God given gifts - there must be something in them. There is! If you go through greed, sharing arises. If you go through anger totally, in deep awareness, meditativeness, love arises, compassion arises. If you go through sex consciously, meditatively, you will have the first glimpses of samadhi, you will know the first windows opening into the divine.

The old man is showing his son the family album. The boy sees a photograph where his father is sitting in a chair with his legs crossed while his mother is standing by his side with a pained expression on her face.

“Hey, dad, what is this?” asks the son.

“What, son?”

“This photo,” says the boy. “Why are you making mother stand while you are sitting down? That’s not being a gentleman!”

“Ah, son,” explains the father, “this photograph was taken on our honeymoon. At that time your mother could not sit down and I could not stand up!”

You need experience, you need understanding. And through understanding is transformation.

Enough for today.