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Chapter 8: Running with Your Whole Heart

You ask, “Are they both possible at the same time?” They are both possible only when they are together. They will never be possible if they are separate from one another because they are not really two things, but just one: the two sides of the same coin. I have talked about one side at one time, and about the other at another.

Understand this: “You told us not to support the mind and to be natural about life” - both of these create the two sides of the same coin. The mind is unnatural. What is mind? It is born whenever you go against your self-nature. The mind is created through effort. That is why animals don’t have minds - because they cannot go against self-nature. They never go astray. They are just as nature has made them. Hence they have no need for minds. Human beings have a mind: it is man’s glory and his difficulty - both. It is man’s glory that he has mind, and this is also his only problem, his only turmoil. The mind means that human beings can go against selfnature if they wish. This is man’s freedom.

Have you ever seen an animal doing shirshasana, a headstand? I don’t mean in a circus, because circus animals have been perverted by human beings. Let us not talk about them. Have you ever seen an animal performing a headstand in the jungle? An animal cannot even imagine doing a headstand. And they must laugh when they see you performing a headstand: “What on earth has happened to these people? They were standing quite well on their feet and now they are standing on their heads!”

Man searches for ways of going beyond nature, of rising above nature, of being different. When sexual desire arises, man tries to impose celibacy on himself. When anger arises, he tries to suppress it and smile. This is also the man’s glory, this is his beauty. But whenever he goes against nature, sorrows, tensions and restlessness are born. Whenever you are in accord with nature there is relaxation, there is restfulness in life.

So the mind is something you have created. This is why very young children don’t have a mind. It takes time to create the mind. The mind is created by the society, by the family, through education, through collective conditioning, through culture and civilization.

Have you ever tried to recall your earliest years? If you have, you can remember back to when you were three or four years old, but not before then. Why? - because then you had no mind, so you cannot remember before then. Your memory goes back to that point and becomes stuck. You need to have a mind to remember, so you remember only after your mind started being born. If you look back, you can remember when you were four or five. Before that everything is dark, the page is blank. The mind had not yet been created, the mechanism was not yet ready.

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