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Chapter 9: Watching the Watcher

And the man said, “No.”

And the old man laughed, a great belly laugh which was echoed by the valleys. And he said, “So now you know what meditation is?”

And the man said, “Yes.”

What had happened? That assertion which came from his deepest core of being - “I give up” - in that very giving up, all goal-oriented mind efforts and endeavors disappeared. “I give up.” In that very moment he was no longer the same person. And bliss showered on him. He was silent, he was a nobody, and he touched the ultimate stratum of non-being. He knew what meditation is.

Meditation is a non-goal-oriented state of mind.

This last sutra is tremendously significant:

Abandon all hopes of results.

And then there is no need to go anywhere, Existence will come to you. Deep down say, “I give up.” And silence descends, benediction showers.

Meditate over these sutras, they are meant only for meditators. Atisha is not a philosopher, he is a siddha, a buddha. What he is saying is not some speculation, but clear-cut instructions given only to those who are ready to travel, to go on the pilgrimage into the unknown.

Enough for today.