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Chapter 29: When the Archer Is Perfect

Every art has to reach to a point where technologies are dropped. Every meditation has to reach to the point where methods are dropped. They are good for the beginners, for learning the abc’s, but when you have reached to the point of xyz, they are of no use.

Silently, you are filled with music.

Without moving, you are dancing.

Without any thought, any feeling in you, there is just pure grace, gratitude arising out of you, just like fragrance arising out of a lotus flower.

One has to reach to this point. Only then one is fulfilled. Only then, one has attained his destiny.

Those old masters made discipleship like sitting in a dentist’s waiting room, full of ancient magazines and with a bored, old goldfish swimming round and round in a bowl. You have knocked out the walls, removed the roof, and do your surgery out in the sunlight while we all watch, laughing and dancing, barely able to wait for our turn to be on the table. The masters who follow you are going to have one hell-of-a job because you have set a whole new standard of behavior; not only that, you keep on raising it. It seems impossible, but it goes on getting more and more. I have heard you say that enlightenment is the same for everyone, but you seem to be getting more juice out of it than anybody I have ever heard about. Will you speak about the masters who will follow you?

Devageet, it is true I am getting more juice out of enlightenment then anybody else who has ever become enlightened on the earth, for the simple reason that to them, enlightenment was a serious search for God, or for self.

To me, seriousness is sickness. To me, enlightenment is not a serious search, but a playful, joyful wandering into the unknown.

In the past, all the enlightened people were goal oriented. I am not. To me, the pilgrimage itself is the goal - every moment enjoying the sun, the moon, the trees, the mountains, the rivers, the surprising turns in life; but enjoying them with intensity and totality, squeezing all the juice out of them.

The day you become capable of squeezing all the juice out of any moment of life, so that not even a single drop of juice is left behind, you are enlightened.

Enlightenment is not a goal somewhere far away.

It is something that you have to live every moment.

Unenlightenment is a way of living - unconscious, groping in the dark. Enlightenment is also a way of living.enjoying, if it is day, what the day brings the flowers, the trees, the sun rays or if it is night, the silence and its music, the depth of darkness, the beauty and vastness of darkness. There is no question of groping. When it is night, you enjoy the night; you are not even thinking of the dawn. When it is day, you enjoy the day, not bothering even about the full-moon night.

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