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Chapter 7: Life Is a Constant Drama

Many times one reaches near the goal and loses the track. Many times you are almost, almost there, and again you are very far away. These are the glimpses; these are the glimpses that in Japan they call satori. Just a small glimpse, but the glimpse gives you courage that yes, it exists, the truth exists; that you are not groping hopelessly. Hope is there. And sometimes thousands of satoris are possible, but each satori becomes more and more definite, more and more solid. And each satori brings you nearer and nearer the goal. And when suddenly you are there at the goal, you are not, only the goal is. Then we call it samadhi. That is the goal of all human effort, the very peak of all consciousness. But one has to work hard - so start working!


You’ve often talked about the significance of having a master, yet I’ve heard that you yourself have attained without a master. How is this possible? If you become enlightened without a master, do you enter a higher level of enlightenment than one who had a master?

No, enlightenment has no higher or lower grades. How you enter does not make any difference: from the front door or the back, like a master or a thief, makes no difference. Once you enter, all differences are lost.

There is a possibility of entering enlightenment without a master; but then you should be ready for more struggle, more risk, have more patience and courage.

One day it is going to happen even if you are not taking anybody’s help. If you go on groping and groping and groping, though it may take many lives, one day you are going to find the door. That’s how many have found it. But once you have found it you can make it a little easier for others. It may have been difficult for you, but for others it can be made a little easier. You can give some indication, some keys, some hints. You can guide.

This has to be understood, that a master in fact does not lead you to truth. He simply helps you to avoid untruth. Truth cannot be indicated. It is not something existing out there. It is something that will come into existence through your effort. Your truth will have to be born in you. A master can help you to grope better so that many pitfalls can be avoided. He cannot indicate the truth but he can indicate what is not truth - and there are a thousand and one untrue doors. He can show you that these are untrue doors: avoid this, avoid that. That’s what they call in the Upanishads neti-neti - this is not, that is not. The master goes on negating, and only that which is, is left.

That’s how a master can help. A few people struggle on their own, but that is very rare. And you are not that type of person, because if you were, you would not have come to me. I never went to anybody even to ask this, because even this is taking help. Even if you go to that type of person to give him the truth, he will close his ears. He will say, “l don’t want it. I will find it myself.”

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