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Chapter 8: The Taste of Your Being

“Sit down, Willie,” he said. At great length he described the whole business of creation, beginning with the birds and the bees. Then he went into the most graphic descriptions of human intercourse. He concluded at last, feeling limp and drained. He took a handkerchief and wiped the perspiration from his brow: “Okay, Willie, do you understand now?”

Willie scratched his head. “Not really, Dad. Henry says he came from New Jersey, but you have not told me where I came from.”

His question is of a very innocent character, but the father is a knowledgeable person. He gives a whole discourse on how human beings are produced - and he is perspiring and stuttering and stammering. And the boy must be puzzled about what is going on? He has simply asked a simple question: Where did I come from? Such a complicated journey.and Henry has come from New Jersey.

Be natural, be simple, be innocent, and allow nature to guide you - it has never misguided anybody. Knowledge, on the contrary, has never been able to guide anybody to the ultimate goal, the ultimate peak of our experience, of our consciousness, of our blissfulness, of our enlightenment.