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Chapter 8: Whatsoever You Choose You Become

Chemically it is possible to fall back, but you cannot really go back. There is no going back; time does not allow that. One has just to go forward.

You cannot move backwards in time. The reverse gear does not exist. When Ford made his first car, there was no reverse gear. Only later on they thought that it was very difficult to come back home. You had to take long turns, unnecessary miles; then you could come back. Then the reverse gear was added as a later thought. But in time, God has not yet added the reverse gear; you cannot go back.

Man has dreamed about it, fantasized about it. There are scientific fictions in which man can go back into time. H. G. Wells has an idea of a time machine. Mm? you sit in the machine and you put it in the reverse gear and you start moving backwards. You are young, you become a child, then you become a baby, then you are in the womb. Backwards you start moving. But no time-machine exists. It exists only in poets’ minds, fantasies.

To go back is not possible. There is only one possibility - to go ahead.

Man has to remain in anguish. There are only two ways - either make it possible to go back, or to go beyond humanity. Humanity is a bridge. You cannot make a house on it. It has to be passed. It is not to be lived upon.

When the Mohammedan mogul emperor Akbar, made a special city, Fatehpur Sikari, he asked his wise men to find out something, a maxim to put on top of the bridge that joins the city to the world. They looked, they searched and they found a saying of Jesus. It does not exist in the Bible; it must have come from some other source, from Sufis. There were many Sufis in Akbar’s court. The saying is: The world is like a bridge - don’t make your house on it. Still on the bridge the saying is there. It is beautiful. That’s how it is.

Humanity is a bridge. Don’t try to be just human, otherwise you will become inhuman. Try to become superhuman; that is the only way to be human. Try to become a god; that is the only way to be human. There is no other way. Have your goal somewhere in the stars, only then you grow.

And man is a growing phenomenon, a process. If you don’t have any goal, growth stops. Then you are stuck, then you become stagnant and stale. That’s what has happened to millions of people in the world. Look at their faces - they look like zombies, as if they are asleep or drugged, stoned.

What is happening to these people’s hearts? They don’t show any freshness, aliveness, no spurt of life, no flame.dull. What is happening to them? They have missed something. They are missing something. They are not doing that for which they are made, they are not fulfilling that destiny which has to be fulfilled.

A man is here to become superman. Let superman be your goal. Then only will you be able to be man, and at ease.

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