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Chapter 7: God Is the Power of Witnessing

Just today I have received a letter from a friend. He has written, “There is no peace, no bliss, no meaning in life. I have no trust that there is a God. The trust that peace is possible, that bliss is possible, does not arise in me. But I want you to show me the path.”

I am acquainted with many people like this. Even if they are shown the path, no trust about the path will arise in them, no assurance, no meaning, because it is not a question of the path. The paths are many and they are very clear. The question is of the eyes to see, of that trust, because the path is not known and the goal is certainly not visible. It will become visible only to those who walk on the path. These people want to see the goal before they have decided to walk on the path. They want to be certain that the goal exists. This is impossible, and it is because of this impossibility that trust is needed.

The meaning of trust is: “The path is visible, the goal is not - but I will keep going, I will go on.” And mind you, it is only by walking on the path that the goal crystallizes and becomes visible. And if trust is total, perhaps even walking will not be needed. If the trust is total the destination will come to you, it will appear right in front of you - it all depends on the totality of your trust. If your trust is partial the path will become very long. If there is no trust at all, the path will become endless! If there is mistrust, the path will become circular; it will start going around in circles. Then you can keep moving and moving on it, but it will not take you anywhere.

It will be good to understand why it is so that through trust the goal appears right in front of you. Only then will it be possible for you to let go of the staircase, only then will it be possible for you to grasp this sutra. Otherwise it will be difficult. In fact, if the goal had been on the outside, it could have been reached by just walking towards it.

At this point it will be good to understand one thing. If a man starts moving from Mount Abu Road Station up towards Mount Abu, he will arrive even if he has no trust at all. Even if he has no trust, or even if he has a positive mistrust and says that he doesn’t believe in any Mount Abu, even then, if he walks on the road he will arrive. Even if he has not come consciously, even if he has been carried here in an unconscious state, then too he will get here because the existence of Mount Abu doesn’t depend on the traveler.

But in the inner journey that we are talking about, reaching the goal depends totally on the traveler. If the goal were on the outside there would be no need for trust - but the goal is within you.

It is like this: on the day that you reach the goal, you will reach to nowhere but yourself. So if there is no trust, it means that you have no trust in your own self. No matter how many outer paths you keep walking on, the goal is an inner phenomenon and it is created by your longing. The more intense the longing, the more the goal will be created and the more it will show and manifest itself.

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