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Chapter 33: Serenity

He said, “I am waiting for the three wise men from the East. If it is true that she has not even touched the hand of a man, and you insist.then the miracle has happened again: she is a virgin mother. You should rejoice. Why you are looking so miserable?”

Just a few days ago the pope has again insisted.A few Christian thinkers are feeling awkward about this virgin birth, but he has insisted that it is “one of our greatest pillars”.

The second pillar is that Jesus is the only begotten son of God. Nobody knows about this fellow God - and except for Jesus’ own statement, there is no other evidence or any proof. But the whole of Christianity depends on the statement of Jesus. No contemporary thinker, no contemporary literature even bothers to mention that Jesus is the son of God - and not only the son, but the only begotten son. It is great: fictions are creating sons and daughters! And we have no evidence of their own existence.

And what is so great in Jesus that he should be the only begotten son of God? Why not Gautam Buddha, why not Bodhidharma, why not Mahakashyapa, why not Ta Hui - why not you? You just need a little courage and a little craziness and you can declare: “I am the only begotten son of God.” No proofs are needed, because even Jesus has not given any proofs.

And the third: the trinity of God the father, Jesus the son, and the holy ghost. This holy ghost is the strangest guy you can come across. This holy ghost is the person who made the poor virgin Mary pregnant - and still he is holy. Then what is the meaning of unholy?

And it is strange.for centuries Christians themselves have insisted that it looks strange, this trinity, because there is no woman in it. It looks incomplete; it does not look like a complete family. What is wrong in accepting Mary, who is worshipped by Catholics as part of this hierarchy? But the woman, just because she is the woman, cannot be accepted on that high pedestal. The criminal ghost can be accepted.

Just the other day an Italian sannyasin has told me that he wants to put on record - he is collecting my statements - what I think about illegitimate children. I said to him, “There are no illegitimate children, there are only illegitimate parents.” How can a child be illegitimate? And who are the illegitimate parents? - not necessarily those who are not married. Any child who is not born of love makes the parents illegitimate. Whether they are married or not is irrelevant - but the child certainly is never illegitimate.

This illegitimate person, the holy ghost, is part of God’s trinity; he is part of God. These are three phases of God - but the woman cannot be accepted.

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