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Chapter 16: Life Is a School

Buddhism has no prayer, only meditation. And meditation means a totally different dimension. Christianity has no meditation at all, except prayer. It does not lead you towards yourself, your own being. It simply projects a God in which you have just to believe. You cannot doubt it. Doubt is a sin. Now this is hindering man’s progress, man’s intelligence.

Christianity has nothing parallel to Buddhism. It is a third-rate religion. And for two thousand years, whatever it has done has proved it a danger to humanity, more dangerous than Buddhism or Hinduism. Only Mohammedanism is a little further ahead. But for two thousand years, Christianity has been killing millions of people in the name of love, in the name of God, burning living people in the name of religion.

Christianity has burned thousands of women - innocent women - declaring them witches. Nobody knows what criterion you have got to declare a woman a witch. Now there are no witches. How did Christianity manage? They forced women to accept that they were witches, that they were in the service of the devil. They tortured women - old women, innocent women - because the devil does not exist.

Your God is bogus, your devil is bogus. Both are nonexistential. How could they have served the devil? But the pope made a special court of investigation, and that court tortured women in every possible way. Anybody was able to report that a certain woman was in the service of the devil. That was enough for beginning the investigation - and investigating was not just questioning.

What communists are doing in the Soviet Union is similar to what Christians have done a long time ago. They tortured.they would not allow the woman to sleep for days unless she confessed. Finally, just out of torture, it seems a relief to accept and confess that, “Yes, I am in the service of the devil.” And once the woman herself said it, then it became a case against her, and the court decided that she should be burned in the middle of the city. Live women in thousands were burned by Christianity. And you want me not to call the religion a third-rate religion?

All these popes have been making crusades for two thousand years. A crusade means a religious war. Now, no war can be religious. How can destroying, killing, arson, rape, murder, be religious? And these Christian crusaders were running over, killing Jews, killing Mohammedans. It was a religious phenomenon that the more you killed the non-Christians, the more virtue you gained, the greater possibility to be in paradise after death. You are accumulating a bank account in the other world by killing people!

On the one hand you go on saying that God is love, and on the other hand your love simply proves poisonous, destructive. And these popes who represent Jesus Christ are infallible. Only idiots can say they are infallible. No intelligent man can say that. And the strangest thing is, before a person is chosen to be a pope, for example, the present pope - he is a Polack, and Polacks are well-known idiots all over the world..

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