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Chapter 44: The Very Perfume of Love

That will help the whole world immensely to reduce its population - not only to reduce its population but to bring only the children who are needed. The unnecessary, the mediocre, the idiots, are a burden. The whole consciousness of the society can be raised.

Sooner or later children are going to be produced outside the mother’s womb; because that is a great wastage - for nine months the woman is absolutely incapable of doing anything. That is why in the whole history although half the people on the earth have been women they could not produce anything, they could not create anything, they could not be geniuses from their side. And they had to become slaves to man because they had to depend on man.

Children can be produced in the scientific lab far more perfectly. They will be more healthy with less defects. We can give them whatever we want - what kind of color, what kind of hair, what length of life, what kind of health, what kind of mind. Everything is now in the hands of man.

So the children should be the commune’s responsibility and the commune will take care of it by means of the scientific lab.

It looks strange just because it is new.

Everything new looks strange.

When the first train started from the London station, just an eight mile run, nobody was ready to sit in it even for free. Lunch was also served free. Because all the churches were sermonizing for months that God never made the train and this is the devil’s invention. And they were telling people, “You can sit in it. It can start, but what guarantee is there that it will stop?” - Naturally it has never stopped before because it has never started - “Once you are in it, you are gone forever. It is not going to stop. It is a devil’s trick.”

Only very courageous people - atheists, agnostics, scientists - came to sit in it, and they were also feeling very nervous because they were taking a risk. Their families were persuading them not to do it because of what might happen to them if the train does not stop.

But the train went. It stopped. It came back. Now nobody bothers about the train. Nobody bothers whether it was created by God or not.

For centuries man has been very proud, “This is my child” - whether he is an idiot or not does not matter, he is proud that he has given birth to a child.

In the coming world the man will be proud, the woman will be proud, that they have given to their child the best sperm and the best egg. Neither the egg is of the woman nor the sperm is of the man, but a new pride - “we have given the best sperm and the best egg to our child.”

Just now it looks absurd - “in what way is he your child?” But to look at it in a more scientific, rational way, it is not the question that your sperm has any speciality or your egg has any speciality. And when you are giving birth to a child, you should find the best egg and the best sperm. This should be a simple arithmetic - when you can have a genius as a child then why create one of the crowd?

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