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Chapter 2: Desireless, You Are Enlightened

Before the Western thinkers became alert about Eastern religions they always defined religion as God-centered. When they came upon Eastern thinking and they became aware that there has been a traditional path, a godless path reaching toward truth, they were shocked: “It is impossible!”

H. G. Wells has written about Buddha that Buddha is the most godless man and yet the most godly. He never believed and he will never tell anybody to believe in any God, but he himself is the suprememost phenomenon of the happening of divine being. Mahavira too travels a path where God is not needed.

Patanjali is absolutely scientific: he says we are not related with means, there are a thousand and one means - the goal is the truth. Some have achieved it through God, so it is okay - believe in God and achieve the goal, because when the goal is achieved you will throw your belief. So belief is just instrumental. If you don’t believe it is okay, don’t believe, and travel the path of belieflessness and reach the goal.

He is neither theist nor atheist. He is not creating a religion, he is simply showing you all the paths that are possible and all the laws that work in your transformation. God is one of those paths, it is not a must. If you are godless there is no need to be non-religious. Patanjali says you can also reach - be godless, don’t bother about God. These are the laws and these are the experiments; this is the meditation - pass through it.

He does not insist on any concept. It was very difficult. That’s why the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are rare, unique. Such a book has never happened before and there is no possibility again, because whatsoever can be written about Yoga he has written, he has left nothing out. No one can add anything to it. Never in the future is there any possibility to create another work like Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. He has finished the job completely, and he could do this so totally because he is not partial. If he were partial then he could not do it so totally.

Buddha is partial, Mahavira is partial, Jesus is partial, Mohammed is partial - they have a certain path. And their partiality may be because of you, because of a deep compassion for you. They insist on a certain path, they go on insisting their whole life. And they say, “Everything else is wrong, this is the right path,” just to create faith in you. You are so faithless, you are so filled with doubt that if they say, “This path leads, others’ paths also lead,” you will not follow any. They insist that only this path leads.

This is not true. This is just a device for you because if you feel any uncertainty in them, if they say, “This also leads, that also leads; this is also true, that is also true,” you will become uncertain. You are already uncertain. You need someone who is absolutely certain. Just to look certain to you they have pretended to be partial.

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