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Chapter 37: Session 37

She said, “Shut up. Keep quiet, he is my husband’s guru.”

I said, “Let him be, but tell me: am I right or not?”

She said, “Unfortunately you are, but keep quiet.”

I said, “I cannot keep quiet. We have to come to a confrontation.”

She said, “I knew that once this man comes there is going to be trouble.”

I said, “He is not responsible. I am the trouble. The day you accepted me, remember, I told your husband, ‘Remember, you can accept me, but you are accepting trouble.’ Now he will know what I meant. There are things which only time can reveal - a dictionary is useless.”

The moment he seated himself, pompously of course, I touched his head. Now, that was the beginning, just the beginning. My relatives all gathered and said, “What are you doing? Do you know who he is?”

I said, “I did it just to know who he is. I was trying to measure him, but he is very shallow. He does not even reach up to his feet, that’s why I touched his head.”

But he was all fire, jumping and crying and shouting, “This is an insult!”

I said, “I am simply quoting from your book.” He had recently published a book in which he had said, “When somebody insults you, be silent, be quiet, don’t be disturbed.”

He then said, “What about my book?”

That helped me a little, and I then said, “Sit down in your chair, although you don’t deserve it.”

He said, “Again! Are you bent on insulting me?”

I said, “I am not bent on insulting anybody. I am just thinking of the chair.”

He was so fat that the poor chair was somehow just managing to hold him up. The poor chair was actually crying, and making noises.

I said, “I’m just talking about the chair. I am not concerned about you, but I am concerned about the chair because later on I will have to use it. In fact it is my chair. If you don’t behave, you will have to vacate it.”

This was almost like setting light under a bomb. He jumped up, shouting vulgarities, and said, “I always knew the moment this child entered this house it would no longer be the same.”

I said, “At least that is true. Whenever there is truth I will always agree, even with an enemy. The house is no longer the same, that is true. Go ahead, tell us why it is not the same.”

He said, “Because you are godless.”

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