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Chapter 8: Your Mind Means the Past

It depends on how you conceive of “God.” If he is purity, then he is very far away. If he is taken as an abstract concept, you cannot touch him, feel him, comprehend him - and you cannot love him. If you conceive godliness as manifest in everything, in this plant also, then there is no problem - then you can love. And when you have touched this plant, you have touched godliness.

That’s what I meant this morning: not the God of philosophers, but the God, the godliness of Abraham, the godliness of Jesus, of simple people - not thinkers - very ordinary but sincere people.

In India you have the real godliness. Somewhere just a. tree, nothing else, but they worship the tree as godly. Somewhere else a stone, not even a statue, they color it red and it has become .godly. It has an authenticity. And India has not worried about what “godliness” is. It has been simply taken for granted that it is; it is not a question to be decided. It is, so now something has to be done about it.

So continue talking to plants and trees and much is going to happen out of it. Do the anger meditation, and later I will give you something for love(and it will come.