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Chapter 9: You Have My Marrow

When the musician finished in the middle of the night, many persons were caught. They were to be beheaded but the musician said, “No, no need to kill them. In fact, these are the only people who have the capacity to listen. Don’t kill them. The others who have remained like statues have to be thrown out. Now I will sing only for these people. These are the real listeners.”

The king said, “I don’t understand.”

The musician said, “It is simple. If you cannot be possessed so much that even life becomes irrelevant, you are not possessed. If you cannot risk life, then music is secondary and life is primary.”

A moment comes when you can risk life. Then music becomes primary, then music becomes ultimate. Then you hear the ancient music in the pines, not before it.

But religions have killed your sensitivities. Hinduism and Jainism have been killing the taste, Islam the ear. And all the religions have been against the eyes. There are stories of saints who plucked out their eyes because they became afraid: eyes could lead them into desire, into passion.

In India a story is told about Surdas. He was moving through a town when he saw a beautiful woman. He became possessed. Then he felt guilty, so he went home and plucked his eyes out.

But eyes are not the culprit. In fact, to see a beautiful woman.nothing is wrong in it. If you really see a beautiful woman and you have really sensitive eyes, you will see a glimpse of godliness there - because all beauty is it, all forms are it. Surdas goes on singing about the beauty of Krishna, but if Krishna’s beauty is godliness, what about that woman whose beauty attracted him? By whom did he become hypnotized? Godliness is hypnotic.

Plucking out your eyes is a crime against godliness. If Surdas ever did it, then he is no longer a saint to me. He may be a great poet, but not a saint. But I have been moving deeply into his poetry and I feel somehow the story seems to be fabricated. It must be a creation of the priests, of the so-called religious, the mediocre, the stupid, who don’t understand life. Otherwise every sensitivity leads to him, all roads go to him - where else can they go? If the problem arises it is not of the eyes, the problem is that you don’t have enough eyes. Then a woman looks like a woman; you don’t have enough eyes.

If it happens to you, my suggestion is clean your eyes. Become more sensitive. Train your eyes, let them be more and more pure, unclouded - and the woman will start transforming into divineness, and the man will become godliness, and the trees will disappear and they will be green flames of divinity, and the rivers will disappear and they will be nothing but constant flow of his energy.

All the religions have been against your senses, your indriyas. I am not against them, because my understanding is that whatsoever you are against, you are against godliness, because every door opens towards it and every path leads to it. Enhance your senses, become more alive in your senses. Let your sensitivity be total and from every dimension you will have glimpses of godliness.

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