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Chapter 16: The University of Inner Alchemy

That’s my whole effort here. I bring you a new dispensation, that the earth and the sky have to be accepted together. Body and soul, the world and godliness, have to be accepted together. Nothing is wrong in the lower, the lower has to become the base for the higher. The lower has to function as the foundation; if you deny it you won’t have any foundation.

That’s why religious countries, for example India, became poorer and poorer and poorer. They lost their foundations and became very phony. How can you be true if you deny something which is all around you so real? If you say the world is illusion, maya, how can you be true? You know it is not.

Even the person who says that the world is maya does not try to pass through the wall, he goes through the door. If both are maya, illusion, what is the difference? Can you find any difference between two illusions? Is one a little less an illusion and the other a little more? Even the person who says the world is illusion does not start eating stones. What is the difference between bread and stones then? Both are illusions, both are dreams.

But by denying the world you lose contact with the reality. That’s what happened in the East, particularly in India. India became uprooted from reality, it lost its roots in the earth. It became unearthly, a little ghostly. That’s my experience of India - India is a ghost, it has lost its body. And nobody else is responsible for it. It could not gather courage to accept the polar opposites. It became poor, it became ugly, it became ill.

India chose it so that it could be at ease with the higher. But the higher can exist only with the lower - one thing more of great importance to be remembered. The lower can exist without the higher - although it will remain unfulfilled - but it can exist. The higher cannot even exist without the lower.

You cannot have a building - a temple, a church - without the foundations. But you can have the foundations without making the temple. That is possible because the lower comes first and the higher comes later. The lower can come, and the higher may not come.

The East tried the higher without the lower, the temple without the foundations. Now, such a temple can only be in your imagination, it cannot exist in reality. And it creates hypocrisy. The greatest hypocrisy possible in the world has happened in India. The hypocrisy is: we have to live in the lower because the lower is the real, and we have to deny it and we have to talk about the higher. And because the lower is denied, the higher cannot have any substance; it is dream stuff. So people are very obsessed with money, but they talk of godliness; obsessed with politics, power, and they talk of godliness. That remains just talk.

In the West, the opposite has happened. The lower was accepted, for the same reason - because if there is only one, you can relax. You can drop the creative discontent if there is only one. Hence the attraction for the one; it is an attraction towards suicide.

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