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Chapter 3: Crying for the Light

Godliness can be contacted only in the present moment - this moment, now and here, and only now and here. And time is fast slipping by; you lose every moment some tremendously valuable opportunity.

As the young bachelor sat having coffee with a friend’s stunning wife, she announced, “I think I’d better warn you, my husband will be home in an hour.”

“But I haven’t done anything wrong,” responded the bachelor, somewhat surprised.

“I know. I thought you’d want to know how much time you have.”

There is not much time, you don’t have much time. Don’t postpone, this is the moment. Don’t say, “Tomorrow” - tomorrow is a mirage. Be alert now, be awake now, this moment, and there is serenity and there is calmness. And suddenly one is relaxed, and the source is contacted, and one has arrived home.

This is the home you have been searching for so many lives. But your very methodology of search has been wrong. You had made it a goal, and it is not a goal; it is the source.

Godliness is not where we are going, godliness is from where we are coming. Godliness is not there, godliness is here. Godliness is not then, godliness is now.

What I have been telling you this morning is of immense value. This is my message to my sannyasins, to my Sufis - accept yourself in tremendous gratitude. Whatsoever is, is, and it can’t be otherwise, so don’t fight with it.

No fact ever creates any psychological pain. It is the interpretation that brings pain to you. Pain is your creation because it is your interpretation. Change the interpretation and the same fact becomes pleasant. Drop all interpretations and the fact is simply a fact, neither painful nor pleasant. Don’t choose, don’t have any preferences. Just be watchful, accepting and watchful, and you have the secret key in your hands.

This will create the first unity in you, unity with yourself. And then the second unity happens of its own accord; you need not worry about it. You do the first step, the second step is taken by existence itself. You move half, he moves half.

Enough for today.