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Chapter 1: Man: Only a Possibility

You are as the yellow leaf.
The messengers of death are at hand.
You are to travel far away.
What will you take with you?

You are the lamp
to lighten the way.
Then hurry, hurry.

When your light shines
without impurity or desire
you will come into the boundless country.

Your life is falling away.
Death is at hand.
Where will you rest on the way?
What have you taken with you?

You are the lamp
to lighten the way.
Then hurry, hurry.

When your light shines purely
you will not be born
and you will not die.

As a silversmith sifts dust from silver,
remove your own impurities
little by little.

Or as iron is corroded by rust
your own mischief will consume you.

Neglected, the sacred verses rust.
For beauty rusts without use
and unrepaired the house falls into ruin,
and the watch, without vigilance, fails.

In this world and the next
there is impurity and impurity:
when a woman lacks dignity,
when a man lacks generosity.

But the greatest impurity is ignorance.
Free yourself from it.
Be pure.

The first myth of man is that he exists. Man is only a possibility. Rarely has man become an actuality. Only once in a while a Gautam Buddha, a Jesus Christ, a Lao Tzu, a Zarathustra - the names are not many, they can be counted on the fingers. They are the only proof that man is not impossible. But the so-called ordinary humanity is only a myth, a belief in something which is not really there. Unless you become aware of this false phenomenon, you will never become what you were destined to become. You will remain a seed. You will never bloom, you will not be able to release your fragrance.

The name of Gautama the Buddha is sweeter than honey, is more golden than gold itself. Gautama the Buddha is more godly than God himself. In fact there is no other God. God exists only when buddhahood exists. God needs the context of a buddha to exist. Without the space of a buddhafield God is just a theoretical, philosophical idea with no substance in it, just a shadow. Hence don’t ask whether God is or is not. That question cannot be answered. God is when there is a buddha, God is not when the buddha is not.

Whenever there is an awakened person, in the context of his awakening God becomes real. This is the only possibility for God to be. To be really a man means to become a space for God to exist in you. Buddha is the most godly man that has ever been born on the earth, and still the most godless too. He never believed in God. Nobody who knows has ever believed in a God.

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